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Oslo - An unlikely Favorite

I wouldn't have thought so myself when I got there, but Oslo makes up for its first impression in unexpected ways.

For one, it's by far the most diverse of all the Scandinavian capitals. Walk to the harbor from the central train station and you will see an ultra-modern part of the city. Climb up to the opera house and get your mind blown by its architecture. Or go to Gr├╝nerlokka, an easy stroll north of the city center, where men have beards, women have hairy legs and most businesses are antique shops or cafes.

If it weren't for the omnipresence of Tesla cars and hideous chain stores downtown, I would assume that Oslo has comfortably settled in the mid 1990s and has since refused to change, unless absolutely necessary or expedient to its prosperity. It's honest, it's charming and it's well worth a trip.

Michael MeinhardtComment