Every Moment is Brand-New

Have you ever felt stuck in life or didn’t know how to get out of a certain situation?

There is one single idea that will get you moving again: every moment is completely new.

It is not connected to what happened before. Only you make that connection in your mind. 

Each new moment is independent and full of opportunity for new creation. 

Because in each new moment, you have the opportunity to change your mind

You can think new thoughts and feel new emotions.

You can make new decisions

Let that sink in.

You can change your whole life and every aspect of it, simply by recognizing that there is a new opportunity in every new moment. 

What a monumental gift.

Just realizing this will probably flood your mind with a whole list of things you could do differently from now on. 

Really obvious things.

The stronger and better these new ideas feel, the more they are in alignment with what you want to achieve. 

Trust your intuition. Follow it. 

And enjoy your new-found freedom.