General Allowing

There is a certain state of mind that forms a beautiful baseline for manifesting quickly and easily. 

It works particularly well as a reset, if you have been struggling with achieving your personal goals and manifestations have been lagging. 

It’s the state of general allowing. 

There is a reason it’s called general allowing.

If you get specific about what you are allowing, you may actually create resistance, which is not what you want. 

By keeping it general, you allow the floodgates to open and energy to flow. 

I personally apply this technique by telling myself that I am now allowing energy to flow and manifestations to occur. 

This is accompanied by a feeling of relief, because the allowing cancels out the pushing that happened before. 

I literally give up the struggle

It’s a very calming and enjoyable experience, similar to the feeling you get when you have an alcoholic drink and the initial buzz comes on. 

Only this won’t leave you with a hangover.  🙂

If you can, add a feeling of general knowing that everything is okay. 

I do this by remembering how I felt the last time my energy flowed particularly well and desired manifestations happened all over the place. 

These two things together – general allowing and general knowing – are extremely powerful in kick-starting the creative process.