Get your Life in Order

I found out from personal experience that bringing order to your life is a very powerful accelerator for the law of attraction. 

If your life is cluttered with all kinds of things you have to do, but haven’t done yet, this will translate to your thoughts and emotions in a negative way.

You will feel distracted and confused instead of clear and focused. 

So, sit down and make a To Do list of all the things that you have procrastinated on. 

And then just do them. One after the other. 

As you check off the things on your list, you will not only feel the gratification of getting stuff done, but you will also feel your clarity improve. And that, in turn, will increase your ability to focus your thoughts. 

So, in short, you are going to feel better and you are going to think better. 

The effect of this is immediate. Things you have been waiting for, will just fall into place and new opportunities will pop up everywhere. 

Do this regularly and do it before you become too cluttered again. 

Make sure to include visible things, like cleaning up your house. If you see clutter all the time, you are going to feel cluttered, too.

Pay your bills, file your paperwork away, clean your car. Do whatever it takes to get distraction out of your life. 

It’s well worth it.