Meditate on Emotions

Based on the idea that emotions are creative forces that will bring you the manifestations you want, I have come up with a meditation technique that focuses on this aspect of creation. 

I like it simple, so this technique is simple, too. 

All you have to do is relax and focus on one emotion of your choice. 

Ask yourself: how does it feel to experience… (insert your target emotion here)?

You could start with positive excitement (my favorite).

As you focus on an emotion, you will realize that your mind offers you thoughts and images that fit in with this emotion. 

For example, if you focus on freedom, you might get thoughts of adventures, trips to interesting places or maybe driving around in a new car. 

If you focus on happiness, you might get thoughts about a positive relationship with members of your family or a romantic relationship with a new person.

By all means, entertain those thoughts. Accept them and play with them as long as they are fun. 

You might also get thoughts that introduce resistance, for example in the form of doubts. 

For example, a thought about a new car might bring with it a thought about your new car being too big for your parking space at work.

It’s stupid, I know. But this can happen and if it does, stop thinking about this detail and go back to the underlying general emotion you were focusing on before.

Do this for as long as you want. Do it every day and do it wherever you feel like it. There are no conditions. Whatever feels good is fine. 

Here are some other emotions you can cultivate:

Security, assuredness, relief, gratitude/appreciation, relaxation, clarity and bliss.

Have fun with this technique and enjoy your new life.