Meditation should be Easy

I feel it’s time we talked about meditation a bit, because it can play a huge part in manifestation. 

The idea being that when you meditate, you stop all resistant thought, and that opens the floodgates to manifesting the things you want. 

Now when I read about meditation or watch videos about it on YouTube, people often talk about it as if it were a difficult thing. Something you have to struggle to achieve. 

That is such a counter-productive message. 

Meditation is not hard. And you don’t need to struggle to achieve it. 

On the contrary. It should be an easy experience, because it’s a natural state. 

Would you say that day-dreaming is hard?

Well, meditation is the same. You can have fun with it. 

There is no struggle involved. 

The best technique I have found for myself is called the “surrender technique”. I made a YouTube video about it. You can watch it here.

Instead of trying to get your breathing to be exactly right or having the best posture, you just let go and surrender

Instead of trying to control it, you give up control. 

When I meditate, I just lay down, close my eyes and say to myself, “I surrender to this meditation.”

And then I just let it happen. 

Remember, this is a natural thing. You don’t need to coax yourself into it. 

You just have to allow it.