New Thoughts

There is a piece of paper on my wall that says, “New Thoughts”.

It’s supposed to remind me that I, like most people, tend to fall back into thought routines. 

These are old thoughts that I have been thinking for a long time and that come up again and again. 

This phenomenon is often called the “autopilot”. 

More than likely, you are on autopilot, too.

These old thoughts could reach all the way back to your childhood, when your mother told you something about a certain situation, or your grandmother or a teacher. 

You may have repeated these thoughts so many times throughout your life, that they have now congealed into actual beliefs. And those beliefs may very well be holding you back.

Let’s take a classic example: money is the root of all evil. 

That one is bound to trip you up.

You want money to buy the stuff you like, you need it to pay your bills, yet somehow, it’s supposed to be bad? How does that fit together?

Well, it doesn’t. 

Money is neither good or bad. It’s just a tool you use to exchange value. 

Yes, it can be used to do bad things, but it can be used to do great things, too. 

Money doesn’t decide what it’s used for. People do. 

So, if you want lots of money in your life, your belief should be that it’s good in your case, because your motives are good and honorable. 

Cultivating this thought and other thoughts like it, will set you up for great wealth. And then you can be a living example of how money can be a great thing. 

Now, let’s get back to the autopilot. 

When you notice that you are falling back into the old routine of thinking, stop it right then and there. 

Now, pick different thoughts. Good ones. Helpful ones. String them together and create a new routine of your own thoughts. 

And then watch the world change around you.