How to Solve a Money Crisis

Most of us have been there.

There are bills to pay and you… are flat broke. 

But your bills don’t care if you’re broke.

You need money. And you need it quick. 

Here are your options:

There may be action you can take to get money.  

If that’s the case, do it. As long as it’s legal.

If the action ship has sailed, your options are two-fold. 

You can bounce off the walls, worrying like crazy and whipping up a storm of fear. 

This won’t improve your situation. It will actually make it worse – much worse. 

Because you are focusing on the problem. And when you focus on something, the universe will give you more… of the thing you focus on.

In addition, if you focus on something with a strong emotion, like fear, the universe will give you more than you can handle. 

So, if you go down the worrying and fearing route, you will build up a lot of negative energy. 

Quite quickly, things will begin to escalate and eventually they will come to a head. All that energy will culminate in an event. Basically, you will be faced with the consequences of not having enough money. You all know what that would look like in your case. But let’s not dwell on that. 

Once the worst is over, things will begin to cool down again and, slowly but surely, your situation will improve. And you will get back on your feet.

Now, this scenario may seem “normal” to you. And that’s because most people do it this way. 

But, there is another way:

Here is option two: 

Give up! And stop worrying. 

If there is no action you could take, there is nothing you can do anyway. 

Instead of wasting your time with fear, do the opposite. 

Take some time, even if you only have an hour, and do something fun. 

The idea here is to get yourself thinking and feeling good. 

You don’t actually have to go anywhere or do anything. 

You can just sit down comfortably and think about something nice.

It could be something from your current life or even a pleasant memory. 

Anything that gives you a warm and pleasant feeling will do the job. 

The most powerful thing you can do is to appreciate something in your life, because while you appreciate something, you cannot feel fear. 

And that will make all the difference. 

Once you find this feeling of appreciation, keep it going for as long as you can. 

First, you will begin to feel better. 

Then, you might get ideas about what you could do to get money. 

Or, and this is my favorite, something helpful and magical will happen. 

Someone might call you and offer you a job, or you might get an unexpected payment. 

Literally, your whole problem could get solved in under an hour, if you can simply get away from feeling fear. 

Mastering this technique could not only save you lots of money. 

It could make you more that you will ever need.