Quit Bitching Right Now!

If you are thinking about one of your problems right now, I want you to watch what happens in your mind. 

First, you think about this problem of yours, most likely in an angry or defensive state of mind. 

You might picture yourself arguing in your favor in front of the people who you think caused your problem. 

As you are doing that, other thoughts, unrelated to your problem come into your awareness. Maybe an upsetting story you heard on the news.

You will probably wonder how that fits in there for a second before you jump back to your problem. And so on and so forth. 

What you are experiencing here is the law of attraction at work. 

You started out with a negative thought about your problem. Then law of attraction added similar thoughts to it. Unrelated in subject, but similarly negative in energy. 

Because that’s what law of attraction does. It adds more of the same

If you keep this negative thought pattern going, very soon law of attraction will add manifestation to your thoughts. 

You will begin to experience negative things in your real life. 

More problems than you already have. 

Would you like a way out?

Quit thinking about negative stuff. 

Just pick positive thoughts instead. 

Start with one. Then law of attraction will add another. Then another and another and off you are on a positive pattern. 

If you keep it up, here come the manifestations. 

Keep it up even longer and people will call you “lucky”.