The Flow Never Stops

It’s very easy for humans to fall into a forcing routine when it comes to achieving goals.

Even the more advanced creators among us often feel that they have to make energy flow. 

In truth, it always flows. 

It flows from the moment you decide what you want and it never stops.

The reason it doesn’t get to you is that you stem the flow, by creating resistance. 

Resistance could come in the form of counterproductive thoughts or emotions, like feeling undeserving or inappropriate. 

So, your job isn’t to create the flow, but to remove resistance

Find out how you create resistance. You can feel it in your mind and in your emotions. It feels like a blockage. Like somebody stepping on the brakes. 

Once you isolate the source of your resistance, acknowledge it and look at it objectively. 

Does this old thought or emotion still serve you? Is it worth carrying it with you?

If the answer is “no”, you will be able to let it go and replace the old thought or feeling with a new one, that is more in line with the way you feel now. 

You are basically updating your mind’s operating system and it will run faster and more smoothly as a result.