The One-Armed Lady – A Manifestation Story

A few days ago, I thought about a one-armed woman with a child. I don’t know what sparked this thought, but there you are, I thought it. 

I distinctly remember wondering why I had seen one-armed men before, but never a one-armed woman and I also wondered how she would manage bringing up a child. 

This whole thought pattern took about a minute or so, before I switched to a different topic. 

Fast-forward two days. I was at the mall, walking down the main hall, casually looking into shop windows. 

Then, just in front of me, a young, one-armed woman with a man and a small child came out of a fragrance store. The child was unhappy about something and the woman lifted her up to her chest with the one arm she had left.

The woman crossed my path in such way that I couldn’t possibly have missed her. If I had kept walking, I would have bumped into her. I had to stop to let them all pass. 

The whole encounter only took a few seconds. Then, she moved on and so did I. 

Now think about this! 

I thought about something I was vaguely interested in and had no resistance to, for a very short period of time. And then the universe put together circumstances that would lead to this very unlikely encounter. 

Think of the chances! 

How many one-armed women have you seen in your life? How many of them had a child with them?

The odds of this meeting being happenstance are miniscule. 

This was designed and it was arranged masterfully. 

Think about the different factors that had to come together. The universe not only had to find a one-armed woman with a child, but it had to arrange a meeting with me that could not be misconstrued as being coincidence. 

If the universe can do this with a vague, passing thought, imagine what it can do with focused, sustained thought, backed up by strong emotion.

I’m hurting with pleasure and eagerness to even consider the implications.