Keeping it Positive

Recently, I visited an old friend. 

He is very spiritual. He has a long beard and wears baggy clothes. He meditates every day and only eats organic food. 

We took a walk in the woods, talking about all kinds of things. I noticed he was frustrated about something, probably life in general, and it came out in the way he talked. The overall vibration was negative. 

So, I suggested an experiment. 

“Let’s only talk about positive things from now on, to lighten the mood,” I said. 

He mocked my idea a little, but he agreed. 

He started talking again about an unrelated subject and fell back into a negative tone, almost immediately. 

I called him out on it and he rephrased his sentence. It wasn’t positive, exactly. But close enough. 

We continued talking this way for several hours. Sometimes, he slipped up. Sometimes, I did. But we always corrected ourselves.

Pretty soon, it became easier. Our new, positive attitude had taken on its own momentum. It had become natural and we started feeling pretty good. We talked about the beauty of the woods, the birds and a squirrel we saw climbing up a tree. 

By the time we emerged from the woods and walked back to my car, our mood had improved dramatically and we were at peace with the world. 

I am telling you this story to make a specific point. It’s about the way you talk to others and the way you talk to yourself. 

Speech is verbalized thought – a very powerful tool of creation. 

If you speak negatively, you create negative circumstances. 

If you talk positively, you create positive circumstances. 

So, choose wisely what you think about and, even more wisely, what you talk about. 

You will notice the difference immediately.