What’s the Rush?

I drive a lot, and when I do, there are always people who try to get me to go faster. 

Even if I’m doing 60 in a 50 zone, there is always some guy who drives up on my ass, because he needs to get somewhere quicker.

Or so he thinks.

Even women do this. 

I see this all the time in different arenas of life: people rushing. 

Sometimes angry, sometimes just tense. 

Where are they going?

Does it really matter if they get to their destination 10 seconds sooner?

What are they gaining?

I will tell you: nothing

On the contrary, this state of rushing is all negative. It’s fear. Fear of being late. Fear of not getting what you want. Fear of being judged by others. 

Fear, fear, fear. 

Nothing good can come from this. And nothing good ever will. Because law of attraction will give you what you fear.

Sometimes, I catch myself in a rush, too. And when that happens, I always ask myself if it’s really necessary and what I’m gaining by rushing. I also probe my thoughts to see what I’m afraid of losing by being too slow. 

In 95 percent of all cases, rushing is completely pointless. And, as we saw, quite counter-productive. 

So, next time you feel the urge to go faster, think about how this fearful state of mind can hurt you (and others). 

And then release the fear you are feeling and decide to have a good time instead. 

If you are in the car, slow down, put some nice music on and just enjoy the drive. 

If you approach life in this way, you might learn that you don’t need to rush to the things you want. 

You can let them come to you.